Ruben Zaiotti

Department of Political Science
Dalhousie University
6135 University Ave.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4H6
Tel. ++1 (902) 4942396

August 2016




Director (2013—present)

European Union Centre for Excellence, Dalhousie University, Halifax (Canada)


Associate Professor (2010-present)


Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University, Halifax (Canada)


Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Public Diplomacy (January-May 2017)

Center on Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles


Postdoctoral Fellow (2008-2010)

Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto (Canada)


Lecturer (2007)

Department of Political Science, McMaster University (Canada)






University of Toronto (2008), Department of Political Science


Master of Studies

University of Oxford (2000), Department of International Development


Bachelor of Arts

University of Bologna (1998), Department of Political Science






Cultures of Border Control: Schengen and the Evolution of Europe’s Frontiers, University of Chicago Press (2011), p.280


Edited Volumes

Externalizing Migration Management: Europe, North America and the Spread of ‘Remote Control’ Practices, Routledge (2016)


Metaphors of Globalization: Mirrors, Magicians, Mutinies, Houndmills: Palgrave (2008) (co-edited with Markus Kornprobst, Nisha Shah, and Vincent Pouliot), p.304


 Refereed Journal articles


“The Hybrid Continent: Envisioning Europe as Superstate and Neo-medieval Empire”, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Vol.23, No.1, pp.82-99 (2015)


The Growth of Transatlantic Security Cooperation” (with Frédéric Mérand), Introduction to special issue on transatlantic security, Studia Diplomatica, Vol. 67, No. 3 (2014)


“International Organizations, Transatlantic Cooperation and the ‘Globalization’ of Homeland Security”, Studia Diplomatica, Vol. 67, No. 3), pp.53-67 (2014)


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“Dealing with Non-Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East: Policies and Practices in an uncertain Environment”, International Journal of Refugee Law, Volume 10 No.2, pp. 333-353 (2006)



Chapters in edited volumes

Chronic anxiety? Schengen and the fear of enlargement, in Laursen, Finn (ed.), The EU and the Eurozone Crisis: Policy Challenges and Strategic Choices, Ashgate, pp.161-176 (2013)


“The European Neighbourhood Policy and Security: Creating New Dividing Lines in Europe?, in Thierry Balzacq, The External Dimension of EU Justice and Home Affairs: Governance, Neighbours, Security, Houndsmill: Palgrave, pp.187-204 (2009)


“Bridging Commonsense: Pragmatic Metaphors and the ‘Schengen Laboratory’”, in Markus Kornprobst et al. (eds.), Metaphors of Globalization: Mirrors, Magicians, Mutinies, Houndmills: Palgrave, pp. 66-80 (2008)


“Introduction: Mirrors, Magicians and Mutinies of Globalization” and “Conclusions: Metaphors we Globalize By”, in Kornprobst et al. (eds.), Metaphors of Globalization: Mirrors, Magicians, Mutinies, Houndmills: Palgrave, pp. 1-16 and 237-252 (2008)


“From Engagement to Deadlock: a Regional Analysis of Refugee Policies in the Middle East between the two ‘Gulf Crises’ (1990-2003)”, in Hana Jaber and France Métral (eds.), Mondes en Mouvements. Migrants et Migrations au Moyen-Orient au tournant du XIXe Siècle, Beyrouth: IFPO, pp. 37-60 (2005)


Other publications


“Fragmented Borders, Interdependence and External Relations: The Israel-Palestine-European Union Triangle” Book Review, Mediterranean Politics (forthcoming)


“Into the Radical Right: the Development of Anti-Immigrant Parties in Western Europe”, Book review, Canadian Political Science Journal, Vol. 46 No.1 (2013), pp.240-2


“Europe’s Migrant Policies: Illusion of Integration”, Book review, London School of Economics Review of Books, January 23 2013


“The Beginning of the End? The Italo-French Row over Schengen and the Lessons of Past ‘Crises’ for the Future of Border Free Europe”, European Union Centre of Excellence (EUCE) Occasional Paper No. 12 (June 2011), Dalhousie University


“Managing Migration: the promise of cooperation”, Book review, Munk Centre for International Studies Occasional Paper, 2009


“Pragmatism, International Relations and the Leap into the Dark Predicament”, paper presented at the 48th International Studies Association Convention, San Francisco, 26-29 March 2008


“Explaining International Cooperation on Migration: Insights from IR theory”, paper presented at the workshop ‘Inter-state cooperation, domestic politics and migrant integration’, Munk Centre for International Studies, Toronto, June 1-2 2007


“Alien neighbours: the influence of proximity to a detention centre on people’s perceptions of the asylum issue: a case study of the Campsfield House Immigration Detention Centre, Kidlington”, University of Oxford, Refugee Studies Centre (2000) (with Max Martin and Toby Porter)


“Refugee Flows and Humanitarian Intervention: the Theory and Practice in the 1990s”, Intercultura, Vol. No. 6, pp. 21-37 (2000) (in Italian)



“International Relations Theory”, Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University (2010-14)


“Political Inquiry: Qualitative Research Methods”, Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University (2010-15)


“Contemporary Security Studies”, Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University (2010-12)


“Politics of the European Union”, Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University (2010-15)


“Public International Law”, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto (2008)


“Contemporary Security Studies”, Department of Political Science, McMaster University (2007)


“Topics in International Relations – Culture and Identity in World Politics”, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto (2006)




Post-Doctoral Fellow (2008-2010)

Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (CERES), University of Toronto. Title of Project: “Europe, North America and Transatlantic Homeland Security”


Research Associate (2006-2008)

Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto. Title of project: “Interstate cooperation, domestic politics and migrant integration”. Project leader: Prof. Randall Hansen


Research Fellow (2001 – 2003)

IFPO (Institut Français Du Proche Orient) and KAS (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung). Title of project “Migration in the Arab Middle East: Policies, Networks and Communities in the Context of Globalisation”, Amman – Jordan


Visiting Fellow (1997)

CERMOC (Centre d’Etudes et Recherches sur le Moyen Orient Contemporain). Title of research:  “Immigrant Communities in the Middle East”, Amman – Jordan




President (2016-18)

European Communities Studies Association – Canada (ECSA-C)

Vice-president (2014-16)

European Communities Studies Association – Canada (ECSA-C)

 Program Chair (2015)


International Organization Section – International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference


Editorial Board Member (2014-present)

New Perspectives: Interdisciplinary Journal of Central European Politics and International Relations


Book Review Editor (2016)

European Foreign Affairs Review

Board Member (2016)

Halifax Refugee Clinic

Editor-in-Chief (2006-2007)

Journal of International Law and International Relations


Associate Editor (2007-2008)

Discourse, Newsletter of the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto



Review of International Studies, Security Studies, Journal of Common Market Studies, International Journal, European Security, Security Dialogue, Journal of Contemporary European Research, Geopolitics, Environment and Planning A, Canadian Ethnic Studies/Études ethniques au Canada, Oxford University Press, Routledge, Sage, Pearson International, Fonds de Recherche du Québec, Economic and Social Research Council (UK)


  • Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Grant, ERASMUS+ Program, European Union; €100,000 (2016-2019)
  • Jean Monnet project grant, ERASMUS+ program, European Union. “European Communities Studies Association Canada Biannual Conference”; $51,290 (2015)
  • European Union Centre for Excellence grant, European Union; €300,000 (2013-2016)
  • Canada- Europe Transatlantic Dialogue project (Co-investigator), Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada; Project: “Canada and the European Union as Global Actors”; $13,000 (2013-6).
  •  Insight Development Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada; Project: “Troubled Europe: Identity, Rituals, and the Making of the European Union Foreign Policy”; $68,000 (2012-15).
  • Research & Develop’t Fund for the Humanities & Social Sciences, Dalhousie Univ; 3,500$ (2012-13)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Canada; $81,000 (2008-10)
  • W.L. Mackenzie King Fellowship in International Relations, University of Toronto; $2,000 (2005)
  • Dissertation Completion Award, Joint Initiative in German and European Studies (JIGES), University of Toronto; $5000 (2007)
  • University of Toronto Doctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto; $40,000 (2000-2005)
  • Research grant, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Amman, Jordan;  € 2,000 (2001-2003)
  • ERASMUS Fellowship, European Union; €6000 (1994-1995)



International Studies Association (ISA), American Political Science Association (APSA), Canadian Political Studies Association (CPSA), European Community Studies association – Canada (ECSA-C)




  • Guest Speaker, Radio China International (Beijing), “The Cologne attacks and its impact on migration policies in Europe”, January 7 2016
  • Panelist, “Europe and the Syrian refugees crisis, roundtable ‘The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Canada’s response’, Dalhousie University, Halifax, September 17 2015
  • Panelist, “Un monde qui se redessine. Regards croisés sur la construction, la persistance et la disparition des murs et des frontièrs”, Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Halifax, September 19 2014 (in French)
  • Keynote speaker, “The Evolution of European Borders”, European Border Guards Day, Warsaw, May 24 2014
  • Guest Speaker, Radio China International (Beijing), “Rise of the Far Right in Europe ahead of the European Election”, May 12 2014
  • Guest Speaker, News 95.7 Radio (Halifax), “The situation in Ukraine”, March 11 2014
  • Guest Speaker, Radio China International (Beijing), “Europe: Struggling with Immigrants”, October 24 2013
  • Interview for Spanish newspaper El Pais on the enlargement of Europe’s free travel area’, January 29 2013
  • Interview for Global Insight Magazine, International Bar Association (UK), “Romania and Bulgaria’s application to join Europe’s free travel area”, August 29 2012
  • Guest Speaker, Radio China International (Beijing), “The Presidential elections in France”, March 23, 2012
  • Lead presenter, dialogue session on “Immigration and Citizenship in Europe”, 2011 Trudeau Foundation Conference on Public Policy, Halifax, (NS), November 17-19 2011
  • ·         Panelist, video presentation on “The past and future of Schengen”, in “Freedom of movement in Europe – a Dream or Nightmare in a Populist Age? Public debate organized by the European Stability Initiative (ESI), Vienna 15 September 2011
  • Guest Speaker, Radio China International (Beijing), “Refugees Challenge Schengen Agreement”, May 25, 2011
  • Guest speaker, The Radio Room, CKDU Radio (Halifax), “The popular uprising in Egypt”, Feb. 1, 2011
  • Guest speaker, CBC Radio’s Maritime Noon (Halifax), “Reflecting on Canada’s Mission in Afghanistan”, November 25, 2010