Ruben Zaiotti

Hi, this my personal webpage. Here you’ll find information about myself and my work. I am an associate professor in the Political Science department at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). Since 2013 I am the Director of the Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence (JMEUCE). From January to May 2017 I was a Fulbright Research Visiting Chair in Public Diplomacy based at the Center on Public Diplomacy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Before moving to Canada’s Maritimes in 2010, I lived and studied in Toronto, Oxford, and Bologna. My main areas of interest are European Politics, international security, border control, immigration policy, public diplomacy, and social media. I am currently working on three research projects. The first looks at the transatlantic partnership over issues of homeland security. The second examines the European Union’s troubled quest to define a stable and coherent identity on the international stage, focusing on the role of social media. The third looks at the intersection between art, politics and borders in Europe.

I am the editor of a book on migration policy (Externalizing Migration Management: Europe, North America and the Spread of ‘Remote Control’ Practices, Routledge)  and the author of the monograph “Cultures of Border Control: Schengen and the Evolution of European Frontiers” with University of Chicago Press. I have also published articles for Review of International StudiesEuropean SecurityJournal of European Integration, Journal of Borderland StudiesInternational Journal of Refugee LawCultures & Conflicts

You can find my musings about Europe and borders on the blog ‘Schengenalia’ and follow me on twitter @schengenizer. I am also the curator for the recently launched project Schengen Border Art, an online repository of creative performances about European borders. Check it out!.